Wetherspoons Review

Over the school holidays I have eaten at many pub/restaurants but I think that Wetherspoons has got to be one of my favourites. Aswell as it having a bar, it is a lovely place to enjoy a family meal.

When you first walk into the restaurant you don't have to wait to be seated you can just sit down wherever you like and start deciding on which food your going to have.

There was lots of different foods to choose from on the menu, which left me deciding wether to have a hot-dog or southern fried chicken.

I think that there is a lot of different meals to choose from for children, but I think they have a great selection for adults too. I went with my mum and nan and they both chose the 'skinny chicken burger' which came with a side of salad or chips.

We ordered the food at the bar and it was served at our table in just a few minutes, we all enjoyed our food and would definitely give our meals a 10/10. Finally, I thought that customer service was great as the staff were very polite.



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